Aldridge Club

The Aldridge Club caters for boys in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The club offers a program of activities which fosters the intellectual, cultural and all-round personal development of those that take part. Through the activities, the students develop their skills, widen their interests and make new friends in an atmosphere which encourages generosity, a spirit of service and consideration for others.

Saturday Activities

Aldridge Club meets fortnightly on Saturday afternoons.

As we are Aldridge Study Centre, we always put an emphasis on hard work - homework and study. So we usually start with a session in our study room. The boys have afternoon tea then take part in some kind of interesting activity. The afternoon also includes a short talk or classes on an aspect of character, faith or professional development.


Aldridge Club also organises camps every school holidays.

In the past we have done all sorts of things, like the visit the Granite Belt, trekked in Lamington National Park and kayaked at Caloundra.