Term 2 Activities: Senior High School Students

Activities for boys in senior high school are held on Friday afternoons at Aldridge Study Centre.

We begin at 4pm (or whenever you can get here after school) and finish around 8:30pm. After dinner we’ll do a different activity each time, like play a game or watch a movie.

4:00pm Afternoon Tea
4:15pm Study Session
5:30pm Talk/Meditation
6:00pm Dinner (bring $5)
7:00pm Activity
8:30pm Finish

In Term 2, the activities are on the following dates:

  • Friday 20 April
  • Friday 4 May
  • Friday 18 May
  • Friday 1 June

Besides the Friday afternoon activities there are also the following activities for students in senior high school. We’ll send some more details once they’ve been finalised.

Study Weekend [Friday 15 June – Sunday 17 June]

Study weekends are an ideal opportunity to leave behind the usual distractions at home and concentrate on exam preparations within an atmosphere of intense study. The timetable will guarantee a high number of hours to study each day, with breaks to help keep the mind fresh and alert. The weekend will be a challenge. It is for those seriously wanting to give of their best in forthcoming examinations, helped by the presence of others intent on the same purpose.

The Big Picture Program [Wednesday 11 July – Sunday 15 July]

The Big Picture Program aims to introduce students in Years 10 and 11 to university life and the world of professional work. We endeavour to guide them towards building successful careers and, moreover, fulfilling lives. Beyond equipping students to make wise career decisions, we aim to cultivate in young men an awareness of the bigger picture, extending to an understanding and sense of responsibility for society and their relationships with family and friends. We would like to see these students develop into all-round individuals – men of character.